Career Coaching for Your Inner Critic

We all have an inner critic. She’s usually telling us: –  “You’re not really going to ask for that raise are you? They’ll laugh you out of the office.” –   “C’mon you don’t actually [...]


SVP Purchasing, AMC Theatres

Henna – I wanted follow up with you on the progress and growth I continue to see in the leader you coached on my team. Over that past several months she has continued to “Let Go” of the [...]


President of Food Company

I started working with Henna when I became President of a company in need of a turnaround. In my first few weeks, business issues had to be addressed first and foremost and goals had to be [...]


Bring Your Soul To Work Day

I have recently talked with many women who are looking for ways their work can, as they say, “feed their soul”. For too many of us our work drains us on too many days. So, many of us look to [...]


International Manager – HSBC Bank

I started my sessions with Henna more than a year ago. The reason why I started coaching is that I got promoted at work and for the first time I had to manage a sales team and recruit people. I [...]