Can You Lead Through Discomfort?

Imagine attending a meeting where you know you will be unpopular, distrusted, and even heckled. Would you choose to do it? Not many of us would.  That’s exactly what General Keith Alexander, [...]


President, Global Business Services, UPS

Henna’s goal of helping others to become stronger leaders is evident in her executive coaching. Her intuitive nature helps her quickly get right to the heart of what development is needed for [...]

A Letter To My 14-Year Old

This one is personal. It’s the letter I wrote yesterday to my 14-year old on her first day of high school. She’s been having those anxiety dreams, the ones where you’re lost, or you forgot your [...]


Lourds Lane – My Purpose Journey

I first met Lourds Lane at the Forbes Women Summit this year. She is the creator of the 2014 Broadway-bound musical CHIX 6.  She was on stage performing. I was immediately drawn to her [...]