Some of you may have read my blog post about how times of disruption call for leadership experiments.

As I have been pondering about how to be most useful to my clients and community, here is what I’m discovering about leadership experiments. See if this resonates for you:

  • Leadership experiments can be hard in stressful times. If our nervous system is already feeling “under threat,” all we want to do is crawl back under the covers (or eat a batch of freshly baked quarantine chocolate chip cookies).
  • Yet, this is a great time to do experiments because everyone is trying something new. There is no best practice, and a good way to learn is by experimenting. Don’t worry if the experiment doesn’t work. There is no right or wrong. You learn. And you move on to try something else.
  • When you step even more outside your comfort zone, you can definitely count on three deep breaths to calm down your nervous system and give you courage. Mindfulness helps.
  • It helps to have family, friends, fans, followers (and your dog) offer unconditional support and encouragement.
  • Experiments are like learning to ride a bike. Once you get the hang of something, it gets easier (I promise!). Then you realize that it’s actually fun. Then you discover that you have an emerging strength that you didn’t even know about.

I share this with you to encourage you to do your own experiments. Here are a few I’m doing:

  • I’ve started a podcast with short coaching exercises (subscribe here), and let me know if there are coaching exercise topics you’d like me to add.
  • I tried my first LinkedIn Live this week. The first “Live” I prepared two days in advance, the second one day in advance, the third one hour in advance. I went from completely paralyzing fear to “this could be fun” in three days. Follow me on LinkedIn and you’ll get notifications on when I’m going Live.
  • I’m advancing the book on leading in disruption and will do webinars to refine concepts learn before I launch the book. There is an inner circle community we’re launching to provide early feedback. Thanks to those who voted on the title. You can join the community here if you’d like.

So, what experiments are you already doing? Please share with our community.

Glad we’re in this together,





P.S. Please share these blog series with others on your teams so together we can grow new capacities to thrive in disruption. You can sign up for the series here. And don’t forget to comment below with your questions and challenges so we can co-create for our community.


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