In One-Minute Mindfulness

Greetings friends!

Ever lose your train of thought? Or walk into a room and wonder what you went there for? Well, it happens a lot to me lately and I like to blame it on age! But, it’s part of the nature of the mind to wander. It limits our listening fully to others, learning, and contributing.

In today’s 24/7 connected world, our attention is our most powerful resource.

Mindfulness is the practice of training your attention to come back to the present without any judgment.

This week’s practice is to return to the now. This week, start to notice when your mind has wandered off. Then, simply take a deep breath and bring yourself back to now. Feel your breath move down to your belly as you inhale slowly and then exhale. How easy is that? If you’re like me, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to practice as the mind is like a restless little puppy!

As a bonus (for extra credit ???? ) you may even want to keep a journal where you jot down what you’re learning as you experiment with being mindful.

I would love for you to share your experience or questions from this practice. If you’d like to practice improving your focus, try some of these mindfulness practices.

Wishing you a mindful week!


P.S. One-Minute Mindfulness are short reads that give you a practice a week so you can experience being mindful in the activities you’re already doing. If you’d like to create mindfulness habits with team members and friends, share this link for them to sign up.

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