Simon Brown – Learning Agility: Growing Curious Leaders for The Future of Work

Simon Brown is Chief Learning Officer for Novartis, a leading global medicine company based in Switzerland focused on reimagining medicine. He is also author of the Amazon-bestselling book ‘The Curious Advantage’. He is leading the strategy for Novartis to ‘Go Big on Learning’ in support of the company-wide culture transformation to become ‘Curious, Inspired and Unbossed’.

In this episode we spoke about Simon’s new book and the steps each one of us can take to become more curious and learning agile. Simon shared the importance of learning in the future of work where most skills will be obsolete in 10 years (many in as few as three years). We also spoke about how we can create cultures of safety in teams for a world that is more disrupted and unpredictable, so people bring their naturally curious selves to their workplace.

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