Episode 48 – A Daily Reflection Practice To Invite Flow And Renewal

In my work with my executive coaching clients, one of the most important aspects of sustainable change and getting into flow is to create daily habits that support our energy and focus. One of those habits that I encourage is daily reflection. The impact of a daily reflection exercise is to connect more deeply with ourselves and what matters.

In this podcast episode, I share two 5-minute guided coaching exercises. The first is a morning journaling exercise. It helps you create focus for yourself for a productive and energized day. It helps you focus your energy toward your purpose and aspirations. It helps you practice gratitude which has been shown to grow resilience.

The second is an evening journaling exercise. It helps you process your day so you are not bringing the stressors of the day to your home life. It helps you release challenging emotions, get new perspective, and bring a calmer and more compassionate you to the people and activities that matter at home. It also helps you practice self-compassion which has been shown to grow resilience, confidence, and connection.

My recommendation is to start with the morning practice. See if you can add it to an existing morning habit you have. Then add the evening practice.

If you decide to try this practice, I would welcome your feedback.

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