Does your work often leave you stressed out?

Do you find the pace of change depleting?

Are you fully satisfied with the quality of relationships you have in the workplace and in your personal life?

Do you feel fully equipped to handle the daily challenges in the workplace?

Are you aware of how you can self-sabotage your success?

Are you as fulfilled at work as you’d like to be?

I’ve been practicing mindfulness for over 12 years. I believe mindfulness practice is an essential skill for today’s workplaces.

That’s why I created a course for LinkedIn Learning, that will help you find calm in the middle of chaos, build more productive working relationships, and be more effective in reaching your goals.

Here are two resources:

  1. Mindfulness Self-Assessment – This will help you determine the areas of your work and life where mindfulness can have the greatest impact for you. Click here to access the survey.
  2. One-Minute Mindfulness Tips – To grow your capacity for mindfulness, this one-tool a week reminder will help you get the maximum benefits of mindfulness practice. Click here to register.

Here’s wishing you a mindful day!

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