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Henna Inam

Greetings fellow leaders! My name is Henna Inam and I am on a mission to grow each of us in our capacity to be transformational leaders. I believe our world and workplace needs leaders at every level who are inspired by the work they do, and lead with agility from the core of who they are. Leading from our core is especially important during this decade of disruption where the pace of change and ambiguity can be overwhelming.

I work with leaders and teams who have missions that matter and want to transform themselves in service of those missions. I look forward to connecting with you on your leadership journey.

Work with Henna

Executive Coaching

Expand your self-awareness and leadership skills to meet your new personal, professional and organizational goals through my partnership with The ExCo Group.

Team Acceleration

Helps organizations grow extraordinary teams that deliver high-performance results and obtain results that would not have been possible before.


Focus on helping leaders advance self-awareness and skill sets. Trainings and workshops allow participants to create customized action plans.


  • Henna was a great coach to one of my high performing executives. She quickly developed a sense for how to relate to this individual and where the high impact learning edges were. Together Henna and my executive accomplished a great deal. I would not hesitate to call Henna again. She was great!  

    W.E. Chris Lowe
    W.E. Chris Lowe President, Coca-Cola North America
  • Henna’s goal of helping others to become stronger leaders is evident in her executive coaching. Her intuitive nature helps her quickly get right to the heart of what development is needed for each person while working to enhance existing skills and talents, and enriching their global mindset. She has successfully coached members of my team, producing immediate and long-term results.

    Larry Darrow
    Larry Darrow President, Global Business Services, UPS

Wired for Authenticity

Wired for Authenticity offers a practical tool-kit for leaders who seek both authenticity and adaptability in a 24/7 dynamic workplace.The seven practices help us evolve as leaders to be authentic and trusted, as well as agile and adaptive. This book comes with online tools to achieve goals, take action, learn, share, create community, and celebrate success.

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