The Agile Board

Agility is now a key business skill. By using a five-factor framework, C-suite leaders and board directors develop stronger agility muscles. This period of seismic disruption has provided an enormous leadership test for CEOs and their C-suite teams, and they have faced heightened scrutiny over whether they are able to develop new mindsets, [...]

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Small Acts of Nourishment

I’ve been feeling very stretched. I imagine we all have been feeling that way. Just this morning, I burst into tears. I was in the car at the end of our driveway, slower than normal to take the right turn into the street toward my morning sanctuary walk at the Lullwater Preserve, not far from […]

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A Tool To Grow Belonging

Since my conversation about race with my friend Vernice (a mother of two African American boys), I’ve been thinking a lot about what it is to belong versus what it’s like to feel like “the other.” In our podcast, Vernice talked about how she didn’t feel comfortable talking about race outside the “family” (i.e., her […]

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Listen Deeply To Lead

On this day, 25 cities in the US are under curfew. Protests and riots are happening around the country. People are demonstrating, angry and frustrated at the death of George Floyd, an unarmed African American, killed by a white police officer this week. It’s a stark reminder of how racism is a part of the […]

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