Leading At The Top In Disruption

Leading at the top during times of disruption requires building capacity in three domains: the ability to manage your mindset and energy to lead from a place of calm, the ability to connect, collaborate with and influence across a wider stakeholder ecosystem, and the ability to be creative in complexity.

When a leader is ready for a step-change in responsibility, executive coaching can help them  engage and perform more confidently, providing a faster transition to achiving success in their new high-profile role.

Coaching with The ExCo Group

My 1:1 Executive Mentoring and Coaching services are delivered through an exclusive partnership with The ExCo Group, a global firm of experienced CEOs, independent non-executive directors, and global business leaders who bring real-world experience to executive coaching and mentoring, and leadership development.


Coaching is More Than My Work.
It’s My Calling.

My Clients . . .

  • Dig deep and get to know themselves (their leadership purpose, strengths, values, impact that they are inspired to make)
  • Discover how they can be more agile and effective in the shifting challenges they face
  • Find how they can overcome the ways that they sabotage themselves
  • Become more grounded and confident in who they authentically are
  • Move purposefully toward the impact they are inspired to make in their organizations

Results My Clients Experience:

  • Have a much clearer view of themselves as a leader with a greater mission
  • Honestly see and accept both their strengths and their short-comings
  • Are more agile to change and ambiguity
  • Have grown in their emotional intelligence (connection to self and others)
  • Are better equipped to meet the goals that are important to them
  • Communicate with greater clarity, confidence, and courage
  • Have clarity on a career path that will help them be successful and fulfilled

What Differentiates Me as an Executive Coach?

  • I have Hands-on C-Suite experience running large global organizations and P&L’s
  • My global experience in living and/or working in seven countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America
  • I achieve strong coaching results in corporate America (See Testimonials)
  • I employ a unique Whole Body Leadership ™ coaching method that builds sustained results

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