The following are a sample of our workshops and presentation topics. All of these speaking topics are focused on creating more emotionally intelligent workplaces where people become more self-aware, courageous, adaptive, and engaged. While these topics are relevant to both genders, they particularly resonate for women leaders in organizations.

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The Transformational Leader Within

We believe that there is a transformational leader within each of us. Now more than ever, organizations need these transformational leaders who inspire and engage others and create environments of great innovation, engagement and agility to change. In this workshop, each participant:

  • Learns the four components of transformational leadership does a self-assessment on each of these areas
  • Reconnects with what inspires them to lead
  • Identifies an area where they are inspired to create great transformation in their organization
  • Develops an action plan to do so

Influencing Powerfully in a Matrix Environment

As organizations move toward more matrix structures, leaders need to increasingly learn how to influence across the organization – across functions, geographies, and hierarchies. We need to get our goals accomplished through others over whom we have no direct authority. During this workshop, each leader:

  • Works through a specific influencing opportunity they have identified in the workplace
  • Practices a five-step model to accomplish their current and future influencing goals
  • Identifies personal limiting beliefs that keep them from influencing powerfully
  • Learns five different influencing styles and practices influencing with another participant
  • Walks out with a specific action plan tailored for their influencing situation

The Authentic Brand YOU

Our client companies are increasingly looking for ways to more deeply engage their leaders. We are more engaged when we can bring our full selves to work. However, research shows that for women leaders it is tougher to be their authentic selves, particularly in male-dominated environments. Research also shows that being authentic is the key to unlocking executive presence, influence, and power in organizations. During this workshop each participant:

  • Discovers and develops their authentic leadership brand (leadership purpose, strengths, core values)
  • Learns how to proactively share this brand with others in the organization to build a strong network
  • Develops insight about what unique career path will drive success, engagement and fulfillment for them
  • This workshop is suitable for both male and female leaders

Wired for Authenticity – Lead Adaptively in Times of Change & Ambiguity

Working and leading in change and ambiguity is the new normal. New competition, constant restructuring, and ambiguity can leave us feeling insecure in our jobs and disengaged within our teams. In this highly interactive session leaders will learn a framework of three practices from the book Wired for Authenticity to help them navigate and lead themselves and others toward cultures that are trusting, engaged, adaptive. Participants will:

  • Achieve greater self-awareness of how they sabotage themselves during times of change
  • Learn the neuroscience behind what triggers self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Discover and practice three practices to create within change & ambiguity
  • Create an action plan and accountability to be powerful within a current change they are experiencing

From Work Life Balance to Work Life Energy

Globalization, technology and productivity initiatives have created cultures where we find ourselves working 24/7. This “new normal” requires seven paradigm shifts we need to embrace in order to not just survive but thrive. We need to evolve from focus on “work life balance” to “work life energy” – being fully present and energized for all of our life. In this workshop participants:

  • Work through these seven paradigm shifts
  • Learn new tools to optimize their personal “work life energy”.
  • Create an action plan specific for their needs

Leading Through Difficult Conversations

Leading effectively requires managing conflict in the workplace. Many of us are uncomfortable with conflict. Women often need to find an authentic way to manage conflict that they can exercise in the organization as “direct” or “assertive” conflict management often does not work for them.  In this highly experiential workshop participants:

  • Work through a current situation where they need to have a difficult conversation
  • Do a self-assessment of where they get stuck in terms of managing conflict
  • Learn the five paradigm shifts that are required to effectively manage conflict
  • Practice a seven step process and practice their difficult conversation with a peer
  • Create an action plan and acounntability to have the difficult conversation

Whole Body Leadership – Emotional Intelligence & the Body

We are constantly working in high stress environments. The pace of change and restructuring can create fear and disengagement. In fact, according to Gallup research, 87% of employees worldwide are NOT engaged. Leading in change and ambiguity while keeping employees engaged requires high levels of emotional intelligence (awareness and management of self & others). Emotional intelligence requires strong body awareness. In this highly interactive session leaders will learn from the latest neuroscience research about how to lead more effectively using the power & self-awareness gained from their body. Participants will:

  • Learn practices to grow self-awareness through awareness of the body
  • Practice how to use breath and posture to reduce stress and remain centered in the face of stressful situations
  • Discover ways to listen and influence others powerfully through body language
  • Create an action plan and accountability to be powerful in a challenging situation at work

Wired for Authenticity – Seven Practices to Inspire, Adapt & Lead

Leadership today is more challenging than ever.  The rapid pace of change, constant restructuring, and a 24/7 work environment create overwhelmed employees, and eroding trust in workplaces. We need leaders who can inspire others, adapt rapidly, and build trust. In this highly interactive session leaders will learn a framework of seven practices to help them to bring the power of authentic leadership to workplaces. Participants will:

  • Achieve greater self-awareness of strengths and saboteurs
  • Practice new tools to develop greater authenticity and greater agility to change
  • Apply the seven practices of authenticity to a specific business goal
  • Create an action plan and accountability to move forward

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