Adam Symson – How CEO’s Disrupt Themselves in Times of Disruption

Adam Symson is president and CEO of The E.W. Scripps Company, the fourth-largest local TV broadcaster in the U.S. Prior to becoming CEO in August 2017, Adam was Scripps’ chief operating officer, overseeing the company’s broadcast TV, radio and digital media divisions.

In this episode, Adam shares the story of what it is like to lead during the pandemic as CEO and how to make decisions in ambiguity. He also shares his experience of managing multiple stakeholders (employees, shareholders, the public at large, etc.) in a turbulent time, the importance of aligning with core values, and how we must disrupt ourselves in times of disruption. He and his team undertook a multi-billion dollar acquisition in the middle of the crisis because he is focused on the long-term. His leadership advice to his children: “It’s not about how you succeed. It’s about how you fail. It’s what you do when you inevitably get kicked in the gut…how you persevere.”

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