Bruce Broussard – How Leading With Purpose Aligns Stakeholders

Bruce Broussard is President and CEO of Humana, a Fortune 50 company with $65 Billion in revenues and 46,000 team members. Under his leadership, Humana has created an integrated care delivery model with a focus on improving health outcomes, lowering costs, and creating a personalized member experience. Bruce also plays a leadership role in the Business Roundtable, which is driving stakeholder capitalism. He is a member of the Board of Directors of KeyCorp and the World Economic Forum Health Governors Board.

In this episode, we spoke about his humble beginnings (he was the first in his parents’ families to go to college), how his values were shaped by crucible experiences, and the role of a CEO in being an agent for all stakeholders. He also spoke about how his values help him make tough decisions balancing multiple stakeholder needs.

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