Charlene Li – How To Be a Positive Disruptor

For the past two decades, Charlene Li has been helping people see the future. She’s the author of six books, including the New York Times bestseller Open Leadership and the co-author of the critically-acclaimed book Groundswell. Her latest book is the bestseller The Disruption Mindset. She founded Altimeter Group, an analyst firm that was acquired in 2015 by Prophet. Named by Fast Company as one of the most creative people in business, Charlene is an expert on digital transformation.

In this episode we talked about three mindset shifts leaders in organizations need to make to lead effectively in disruptions: openness, agency, and bias for action. We spoke about what leadership is. It’s not about hierarchy. Leadership is simply a relationship between people who aspire to lead and create change and people who are inspired to follow them. Here is one of my favorite quotes from her latest book. You can get a free copy here.

“There will be times when the way forward will be illuminated by what feels like a penlight in the dark night. There will be times when you will doubt the course you have chosen. And there will be times when the entire world seems aligned against you. Use these setbacks as opportunities to learn. Your vision of the future will provide you with the solace, inspiration, and strength to continue. Never cease believing that what you are doing is worth the pain and confusion that is the natural course of disruption.”

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