Joe Whittinghill – Growth Agility: How To Create Agile Cultures At Scale

Joe Whittinghill is the Corp Vice President of Talent, Learning, and Insights for Microsoft. Joe leads a team responsible for activating culture and learning, building world-class leaders, and enabling the workforce of the future for Microsoft. Joe has expertise in strategy, organization development, learning, executive development, the neuroscience of leadership, and culture activation.

In this episode, Joe shares the story of Microsoft’s business and culture transformation, partnering with Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. He shares how growth mindset has been a proven driver of Microsoft’s transformation. The underpinnings of the business and culture transformation is personal transformation and a new set of leadership principles. Here are Microsoft’s three principles: leaders create clarity, leaders generate energy, leaders deliver (multi-stakeholder) success. These principles are driven by proven neuroscience of human performance. Take a listen into our conversation about the three simple leadership practices under each of these principles. Finally, we also spoke about Joe’s aspiration for us as a leadership tribe, what we would have learned by 2030.

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