Kevin Cashman – Growth Agility: Preparing CEO’s To Navigate the Unknown

Kevin Cashman is a best-selling author, global thought leader and CEO Coach, keynote speaker and pioneer of the ‘grow the whole person to grow the whole leader’ approach to transformative enterprise leadership.  He is the founder of LeaderSource Ltd, and the Chief Executive Institute recognized as one of the top three enterprise leadership development programs globally. In 2006, LeaderSource was acquired by Korn Ferry, where Kevin is now Global Leader of CEO and Executive Development across 130 offices internationally that touch the lives of 100,000+ leaders monthly.

In this episode Kevin shared his personal experience of loss during the pandemic and what differentiates truly great leaders: “They have the unique ability to convert loss to learning that serves them and their ecosystem”. He also shared the importance of an elevated mindset and “Being Mastery”, how leaders confront challenges and bring compassion to pain and suffering, how they prepare to meet the unknown, and step up and step into purpose. “The growth of a CEO is critical to the growth of the organization…I view leadership as the force that can change everything for the better…ultimately we have to become ecosystem leaders”.

His story-telling and Korn Ferry’s 2-year research is sure to inspire you. Take a listen!

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