Kevin Delaney – The Power of Purpose & How To Find Your Many Purposes

Kevin John Delaney is a voracious reader, night owl, musician, husband, father of three and lives by the words of Helen Keller, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” He is the Vice President of Learning and Development at LinkedIn and the author of A Life Worth Living – Finding Your Purpose and Daring to Live the Life You’ve Imagined. In 2008, Kevin suffered a series of health issues that left him in a coma, very close to dying. He received an organ transplant that saved his life and left him determined to live a life of purpose.

In this episode we discussed the power of being open to the many purposes in our daily lives. We don’t have to wait for a bolt of insight to discover our true purpose in life. When we find ways to be useful to others which also bring us meaning, it is good for our own well-being as well as our impact in our workplace and community. This is also especially useful in times of disruption.

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