Live Coaching Demo – How To Listen With Empathy

In a time of unprecedented change and disruption increasingly leaders need to manage emotional wellbeing, our own and that of others we work with. In my book “Wired for Disruption“, I describe neuro-emotional agility as the ability to move ourselves and others from a state of threat to a state of curiosity and creativity. We do this by activating the empathic neural network in our brain.

In this unscripted live coaching, one of our leadership community members LaToia volunteered to be coached for the podcast. I used Listening at Level 3 (one of the 15 accelerators of agility in my book) and asking open-ended questions. Take a listen. My hope in doing these live unscripted coaching podcasts is to help you learn and practice these tools for yourself to help you grow in your own ability to be agile.

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