Paddy Hull – Part 1: Growing Purposeful Leaders at Unilever

Paddy Hull is the VP of Future of Work at Unilever. In this role, he is responsible for bringing Unilever’s social commitments on the Future of Work to life, to help people stay fit for work – now and in the future. This involves delivering on three commitments: equipping Unilever people for the future of work, pioneering new flexible employment options, and partnering with others to create jobs and skills for young people outside of Unilever. He has identified his purpose as “To bring the essence of Pollyanna into the room”. He sees this as bringing joy, creativity and innovation into everything he does.

In this episode (Part 1 of a two-part series) we spoke about Unilever’s commitment to enabling over 60,000 associates to discover their own purpose and bring it to work. We spoke about the impact this has had on the workforce and how it fits in with Unilever’s leadership values and purpose to make sustainable living commonplace.

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