Sarah Devereaux – Growing Change – Agile Leaders At the Speed of AI

Sarah Devereaux has spent the last 14 years in the Learning and Leadership Development space at Google. Some of her more recent roles included: Head of Executive Development Programs, Head of Strategic Initiatives for The Google School for Leaders, and Global Lead of the g2g (Googlers-to-Googlers) program. She has a keen interest in the future of work and leadership and a passion for learning and helping individuals and organizations to realize their full potential.

In this episode, Sarah shared lessons learned from creating the g2g program with over 11,000 people across the globe (about 10% of the workforce of 100.000+ at Google) teaching and learning from each other. If you want to create a peer teaching and learning network, listen to Sarah share both the benefits of and their failures along the way. We also spoke about how Google develops change-ready leaders. The executive leadership program helps leaders to upgrade their operating system (for humans this is our consciousness) to understand their own mindsets and grow in-the-moment self and situational awareness. Hint: this isn’t the kind of program you’re likely doing so take a listen. You’re sure to leave energized by Sarah’s passion for growing people and their happiness in the workplace.

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