Episode 47 – Team Practice for Collective Flow

Our current state of burnout is a call for us to evolve our leadership, individually and collectively. In my work with leaders and their teams, they are increasingly asking for ways to create more trust and connection so people can feel safety in navigating the challenges of disruption. The cause of burnout is lack of connection to ourselves, our individual and collective purpose, and the people we work with.

In this short podcast episode, I have created two practices for teams.

At the start is a 5-minute practice for teams to arrive and create the conditions for collective flow to happen: to bring their attention to now, to grow connection and trust, and to align on their intention for contribution toward collective goals. I recommend this as an essential practice. Many of my clients say it super-charges the quality of trust and ideas in the room.

The second practice (after a 30-second pause) is an optional 2-minute practice done just prior to aligning on next steps and concluding the meeting. It’s a way to bring individual and shared attention to the learning and progress during the meeting, to drive clarity and commitment toward inspired and aligned action.

The topic of my next book is how teams can create breakthroughs in collective flow and I am looking for 15 mighty teams to be part of my Collective Flow Experiment. If your team chooses to use these practices, I would welcome your feedback on how this works for you.

Below is a lightly edited version of the transcript. To listen to any part of the conversation, scroll down and click that part of the transcript. To stop listening, scroll to the end and press the stop button on the player.

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