Agility Accelerator Lab – Team Mastermind Group

Agility Accelerator Lab


  1. Help a team address their business challenges while learning together
  2. Practice tools together to create a more agile culture

Session 1 – Set Goals & Success For Mastermind

  • Discover challenges/priorities for each person
  • Build trust in group & align on mastermind priorities
  • Overview of The Five Shifts in Agility

Session 2- Neuro-Emotional Agility tools and practices

  • Identifying & exploring “threat vs. safety” state
  • Shift from threat to creativity using The Purpose Accelerator
  • How to shift your team from threat to creativity: Listen Well Tool

Session 3 – Learning Agility tools and practices

  • What is meta-learning and The L.E.A.R.N Practice ™
  • Review your challenge & apply Cynefin Framework & Bias Checklist
  • Set up an experiment for your challenge

Session 4 – Trust Agility tools and practices

  • Review of challenge, experiment and what you learned
  • Trust First: Mind Story Map ™
  • Deepening connection: The Empathy Dialogue ™

Session 5 – Stakeholder agility tools

  • How to align and influence people outside your hierarchy
  • Understand your ecosystem – Ecosystem Map Tool™
  • Co-Creating with others experiment

Session 6 – Growth agility tools

  • Growing yourself through the Experiment-To-Grow Tool™
  • How to grow your team with Growth Agility Questions
  • How to create a culture of learning & experimentation

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