Episode 45 – Andrew White – Leadership Transformation Requires A Bigger Purpose & Deeper Listening

Dr. Andrew White works globally with leaders to understand how they can transcend the internal and external strategic challenges they face to ensure they deliver sustainable high performance. His experience comes from being a Senior Fellow in Management Practice at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford where he works with these leaders by directing the Advanced Management and Leadership Programme, coaching several CEOs and their senior teams, and conducting research into leadership and transformation. He is also a certified meditation teacher and has developed a toolkit of meditations tailored to the different situations leaders face.

In this episode, Andrew shared examples of leaders who are driving transformation across industries, bringing uncommon thinking. They are able to create breakthroughs because they combine a bigger purpose they care deeply about with the ability to listen deeply to different needs of stakeholders within an ecosystem. He shared insights about how all successful transformations require spaciousness and sensing into what is emerging, a clear and aligned plan, and also empathy to listen closely to the human resistance that often derails the plan. This deep caring and listening to the emotional journey of people participating in the change makes all the difference.

If this interests you, I invite you to reach out as I am working with teams and leaders who are interested in learning how to ignite group creativity and flow to bring novel solutions to collective challenges.

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