Five Accelerators of Agile Leadership


Our leadership context has changed in profound ways. Yet, we are leading from the same mindset and biology as the industrial age. This is what makes leadership in disruption so challenging for each of us.

Here are five big challenges of leading in disruption:

  • Human biology has not caught up to the pace of change.
  • High change and unpredictability require a different type of learning
  • Leading in disruption requires creating trust quickly in complex teams.
  • We are increasingly solving problems that require shared ownership and action.
  • We need each of us to grow rapidly in change & enable those around us to do the same to maximize the potential of our efforts.

Join David Nour, author of best-selling books Relationship Economics, Co-Create, and the forthcoming Curve Benders, and Henna Inam, CEO of Transformational Leadership and author of Wired for Disruption, as they discuss five unique shifts in agility (neuro-emotional, learning, trust, stakeholder and growth), the required mindset shift, and specific tools and practices to develop your leadership agility.

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