A client recently shared with me that both she and her team are close to burnout. She wanted to create a different experience for her team, one where they could relax and connect authentically with one another.

We decided to use one of The 15 Accelerators of Agility from my upcoming book Wired for Disruption. It’s called the Empathy Dialogue Tool ™. It helps us to develop a stronger and more trusted partnership with others. It creates vulnerability-based trust on teams. We picked one question from this tool: “Describe a meaningful experience growing up. What made this meaningful for you?” and had everyone share their story.

It was a memorable exercise because everyone on the video call got to share their story. People discovered meaningful events in teammates’ lives that they hadn’t known about working together for many years…and yes, it took some courage and stepping outside the comfort zone.

Human beings are wired to connect with one another and micro-moments of these types of connection are good for our well-being, immunity, and agility – because we feel psychologically safer. Try this out for yourself and let me know how it worked out.

Thank you to all who have helped with the book design so far. As a next step, I’d love to invite you to be part of our inner circle to launch Wired For Disruption here. You’ll be the first to receive The 15 Accelerators of Agility and be part of our Inner Circle Zoom call.

Grateful we’re in this together,




P.S.  Comment below and let us know how this tool worked out.

  • A.R. Smith

    This is will be very helpful & a great tool for groups/meetings! Thank you for posting this!

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