Carol Campbell – Stakeholder Capitalism: How Delta Airlines Practices Stakeholder Agility

Carol Campbell is Managing Director – Consumer Insight for Delta Air Lines, responsible for guiding and shaping long-term strategies to deliver world-class experiences for Delta’s customers. Under Carol’s leadership, the Consumer Insight team plays a critical role in helping Delta to understand what’s most important to customers in the present and anticipate expectations in the future. Carol joined Delta in 2018 after 22-years with the Walt Disney Company.

In this episode, Carol gave us a front-row seat view to how Delta Airlines managed the often competing needs of stakeholders (shareholders, customers, employees, communities) during the pandemic. Led by their purpose and core values, Delta leadership navigated tough decisions and doubled down on a culture of humility, deep listening to stakeholders and focus on restoring trust in travel. It’s an inspiring and instructive story about how to manage the needs of our own stakeholders during rapidly shifting times of disruption.

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