Watch Henna Inam, Executive Coach and former CMO, talk about how to define the Authentic Brand YOU. She connects the dots between how megabrands define themselves and how to use these proven principles to create your own personal brand, authentically.

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Workshop for your organization: The Authentic Brand YOU

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  • Ruth

    Interesting, I think I will need to hear more of your videos but also subscribe for the newsletter.

  • Terri Deuel

    Working with Henna on my personal brand was a journey that gave me much more than I could possibly have imagined. The process of creating my Brand:YouTM was powerful. It served as the catalyst for a broader understanding of who I am, what I offer and where I want to go. As a result, I have acquired the following:

    • A new found appreciation of my uniqueness and a confidence in the value I bring forth;
    • An understanding the career path that feels right for me and the energizers I need to be all that I can be;
    • A competitive advantage in approaching my current position and pursuing next steps with great intentionality.

    I am firmly planted, and that feels great!

    • Henna

      Hi Terri – Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. I really enjoyed our work together and it’s always great to work with someone who is so open to becoming self-aware.

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