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Terri Deuel

Working with Henna on my personal brand was a journey that gave me much more than I could possibly have imagined. The process of creating my Brand:YouTM was powerful. It served as the catalyst for a broader understanding of who I am, what I offer and where I want to go. As a result, I have acquired the following:

• A new found appreciation of my uniqueness and a confidence in the value I bring forth;
• An understanding the career path that feels right for me and the energizers I need to be all that I can be;
• A competitive advantage in approaching my current position and pursuing next steps with great intentionality.

I am firmly planted, and that feels great!

The other day I chatted with the guy next to me on the plane and found I had the perfect opportunity to test my brand.  He was traveling to Boston for an afternoon business meeting. That led us to the typical “what do you do?” conversation. When I told him my ‘story’, his response gave me positive feedback regarding my value. He said “where were you 2 years ago? We really could have used you.” He went on to explain why. That conversation was timely and certainly gave a boost to my confidence!

When the conversation ended and we returned to our on plane activities, I took my gratitude journal out of my carry on and wrote the following: I am grateful for Henna who is treasured for the inspiration and facilitation required to help me answer the important question of “who am I?”

Terri Deuel

EVP, Global Customer Support,
EasyLink Services

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