Kurt Harrison — How to Grow Sustainable Leaders for Stakeholder Capitalism

Kurt Harrison is a Partner for Russell Reynolds and Co-Head of the Global Sustainability Practice. In this role, Kurt specializes in executive assessment and succession planning advice for clients. Russell Reynolds is a global leadership advisory and search firm with 46 offices in 26 countries. This perspective from their website inspired me: “Sustainability has emerged as the defining issue of our time. There is now an urgent need for a new type of business leader—one who can deliver financial success while also making the long-term sustainability and resilience of our world a top priority. We call these people sustainable leaders.”

In our podcast interview, we talked about what sets these sustainable leaders apart: multi-level systems (ecoystem) thinking, inclusion mindset, ambition & ability to drive change, and long-term view. We also spoke about the gap between our need for these leaders and the current availability of sustainable leaders, how to embed sustainable leadership in the organizational culture and HR practices and the specific action steps we need to take. Take a listen if you want to be part of the movement to change the way the world is led!

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