Paddy Hull – Part 2: How Unilever Grows Future-Fit Leaders

Paddy Hull is the VP of Future of Work at Unilever. In this role, he is responsible for bringing Unilever’s social commitments on the Future of Work to life, to help people stay fit for work – now and in the future. He is leading a program to deliver on three commitments, equipping people for the future of work, pioneering new flexible employment options, and partnering with others to create jobs and skills for young people outside of Unilever.

In Part 2 of our conversation, we discussed how Unilever is thinking about bringing flexibility, purpose and sustainability to the career experiences of employees. As work becomes disrupted with the advent of artificial intelligence, robotics and other technologies, the work humans will do is rapidly changing. This can create a lot of fear and anxiety. The antidote to this anxiety is to help people become future-fit through thinking incorporating their purpose, strengths and interests in their career planning. Paddy explains how Unilever leaders facilitate this transition for employees and how it’s time for different and more flexible employment options that fit employees’ needs. You’re sure to leave this conversation inspired to bring this thinking to your workplace.

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