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Yesterday I was on a call with 90+ board members of publicly traded companies from around the globe. We were discussing how we are adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic and what kind of a future their boards are planning for.

There were two scenarios we were gathering feedback on:

Scenario 1: The corporation will recover back to “pre-corona normal” in 6-12 months.

Scenario 2: A fundamental shift and transformation of the market sector is underway.

In our discussions, 90% of board members said Scenario 2 is likely. Of the 10% who said scenario 1 is what they’re planning for, they felt that the recovery would take longer.

While we yearn for a normal, and I hope that we’re able to find a vaccine soon, the emerging future will include continued change across almost all industries. How do we adapt to this?

I don’t know about you, but I see many of my clients quite exhausted from the long hours and the uncertainty they’re working through. I’m talking to many of them about rest and renewal.

In my upcoming book, Wired for Disruption, I share what I’m learning from neuroscience about how renewal states in the body are also states that help us adapt and thrive. We have within our DNA, everything we need to be an empowered leader in challenging times.

Here is a 5-minute podcast tool that will help build resilience. It is an acknowledgment of our shared humanity and builds compassion for ourselves and others. There are now over 2600 studies on self-compassion. It is linked to stronger immunity, motivation, resilience, and even a longer life. It also helps us be more adaptive in change because with a strong self-compassion practice, we are more willing to experiment. There is less fear of failure.

Talking about experiments, we are now experimenting with our Wired for Disruption Quiz. Will you be part of our inner circle and take this 5-minute quiz? With your help, we will finalize the questions and report format. Give us feedback on the quiz by commenting below. Let us know if there was anything confusing or what you’d want us to improve.

Grateful we’re in this together.

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