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This is a brief description of the tool-kit I have created with input from several HR colleagues at Fortune 500 companies. The tool-kit shares best practices to create an executive coaching program that has impact in your organization.

How Satisfied Are You with Your Executive Coaching Program?

Give your program a rating of 1 (not satisfied at all) to 10 (completely satisfied). Many HR leaders I talk with give their program a rating in the 5–7 range. In fact, according to The 2017 Workplace Learning Report published by LinkedIn, among 500 learning & development (L&D) professionals, less than 25% would be willing to recommend their L&D program to peers. If you find yourself less than 100% satisfied, you owe it to yourself to read this quick guide.

Purpose of this Guide

As an executive coach to senior leaders in Fortune 500 companies, my personal passion is to see these professionals grow into their potential to be transformational leaders. Transformational leaders innovate, inspire, influence, and impact results through the people they lead.

As an HR professional, I know you have that same commitment for growing your leaders. Yet, there are challenges in the process. The purpose of this guide is to help you create greater impact with the leaders in your organization, and to provide you with a simple set of tools to better influence outcomes in the process.

Components of the Tool-Kit

The following are components of the tool-kit:

  • Challenges for the HR leader in the executive coaching process
  • The Top Five Derailers of an executive coaching process
  • Executive Coaching Check-List – Creates the optimal conditions for success in each coaching engagement
  • Executive Coach In-Take Form – A form for you to capture a coach’s info that will help you gauge best fit
  • Ten Ways to Improve Impact of Coaching Engagements – A check-list that helps you get maximum impact
  • The Coachable Leader’s Assessment Tool – A tool for each leader to assess whether they are ready to commit to coaching

My mission is to have every HR person use this tool-kit to improve the outcomes of their coaching process. Please reach out to me if you are interested in receiving the tool-kit. My contact e-mail is

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