Vernice Jones – How To Share Your Story & Listen Deeply To Others

Vernice Jones is a Director and faculty for adult development at Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership. She is an Associate at Cultivating Leadership, a global, deliberately developmental, complexity-based organization. She is a master certified coach and a close friend. In this episode, we tackle a courageous conversation about racism in America.

As Vernice shares upfront, this episode is about the experience of one person. It’s also about a collective experience of trauma and what it takes to heal it. We discuss what it’s like to be the mother of two African American boys, fearing for their lives. We discuss the role of leaders in times of crisis: to know that they are not seeing the full picture, to reach out to listen, to be curious about the experience of others, to dig deep for what matters, to engage in and be moved by pivotal conversations so new solutions can emerge.

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