In Wired for Authenticity Leadership Tool-Kit

Welcome to Week 51 of the Authenticity@Work Leadership Tool-kit! My intention for this series is to share a quick tool each week to help you lead with more authenticity, adaptability and inspiration so we can together create workplaces where we bring the best of ourselves and inspire others. So grab a journal and an accountability partner to make these practices even more powerful for you!

In last week’s post we talked about how to “go with the flow”. In what areas did you find that you use your skills to the utmost?
We’re wired to connect with one another. Micromoments of meaningful connections and trust with our team members actually help our well-being as human beings. Our bodies respond to positive relationships, so positive interactions with team members actually help build our immune systems.

Imagine a team where each person feels powerful. Each person is able to pursue his or her own individual dreams while contributing greatly to the team’s shared dream. Imagine where each person respected the unique perspective of other team members, where each individual was committed to the team’s success and the success of each team member, where everyone was putting in above-and-beyond effort—not because of their individual rewards but because they believed in the mission of the team.

Imagine team members disagreeing openly about ideas and initiatives, all in the interest of contributing to the mission, where each member is accountable to creating great quality outcomes.

Authentic teams are able to negate the dysfunctions that plague teams by allowing vulnerability to show, by working through conflict through open and honest conversations, by defining team purpose and goals, by holding one’s self  and other team members accountable, and by connecting fully with the team’s mission and goals.

As leaders, there are three steps to bringing greater authenticity to your team: (1) get clear alignment about how the team serves its purpose, (2) create a team manifesto that addresses the behaviors your team agrees to in order to be a team, and (3) move toward greater trust through powerful trust-building conversations.

This Week’s Tool:

Question to ask yourself: As a team member, what would be possible if my entire team engaged each other and their goals with authenticity?

Talk to your team leader or a team partner about what your team could achieve together with greater authenticity. What dysfunctional behaviors can be negated with greater trust, transparency, and accountability?

Have a trust-building, authentic conversation with a colleague where openness has been compromised or where a lack of accountability has depleted team performance.

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