I am excited to launch the Wired for Authenticity Leadership Practice Circles!

As a leadership speaker, one of my biggest challenges is to create an impact that is sustainable. Why? Here’s what happens for me when I hear a great speaker. I get inspired. I write down a list of how I’m going to network better, achieve my goals better, be more daring, etc. I create a list of things to do with my new-found motivation. I then go back to my 300 e-mails and endless to-do lists (which are now longer). Nothing changes! So here is what I am doing instead.

For any organization where I am speaking, I am creating a Wired for Authenticity Leadership Practice Circle. It’s a ready-to-deploy program that leaders in the organization can use to deepen and embed the learning. The goal of this leadership circle is to learn how to be a more authentic and adaptive leader by practicing this in your workplace. From a neuroscience perspective we simply rewire our brains when we practice new behaviors. My intention is for the Circle to be a safe and innovative playground for you to practice the seven practices of authenticity from my book Wired for Authenticity.

Anyone can start the Circle. Anyone can be part of the Circle. It just requires a desire to be powerful in your impact on yourself and others.

What is a Wired For Authenticity Leadership Practice Circle?

We are just kicking off pilots for this Circle. So here are the basics (until we learn something new together and change them):

  • 10-session program with discussion guides for facilitators
  • You meet with a group of 8-10 people who commit to fully participating in the 10 sessions
  • Sessions are designed to last about an hour
  • Your Circle decides how often to meet (I recommend between every week to a minimum of once a month)
  • It can be virtual or face-to-face meetings (the latter are encouraged)
  • There will be mandatory and optional “homefun” assignments between meetings (it’s all about the practice!)

What Will You Get From Participating In A Circle?

  • Expand in your self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Express yourself more powerfully in the workplace
  • Develop greater courage to pursue goals important to you
  • Create trust and influence others more powerfully in teams
  • Adapt to and create with change more effectively
  • Discover how to do work that is fulfilling and energizing
  • Be part of and contribute to a community of leaders doing this together

What Will You Get from Leading A Circle?

  • You grow in your own leadership influence and impact
  • You learn how to facilitate, create trust, and lead a group of people
  • You are part of a group of leaders and change-makers who are being coached by me
  • You contribute to making your team or workplace more engaged, energized, inclusive, and innovative
  • You will get access to discussion guides and resources
  • You will be part of a small community of leaders who care passionately about bringing greater authenticity to our workplaces

In short, we need YOU if any of the above resonates for you.

If you’re interested in being part of the pilot group please e-mail me at henna@transformleaders.tv. For a deeper dive into the 10-session curriculum go here.


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