Our leadership context has changed. We are leading in the decade of disruption. This puts unprecedented pressure on leaders to bring clarity and make decisions in the face of ambiguity, drive commitment in a diverse and increasingly polarized workforce at the edge of burnout, and rapidly upskill the capacity to lead within themselves and their organizations.

There are five big challenges of leading in disruptive times:

First, our neurobiology sees disruptive change as a threat to survival. This evolutionary reaction slows down our adaptation by reducing cognition and increasing burnout. Second, our old mindsets and biases prevent us from seeing and accepting the new reality clearly. This prevents us from being creative. We need to develop meta-learning to learn, unlearn and relearn. Third, our threat states and the fluid teams we work with make collaboration harder, just when it is most needed to create opportunities. Fourth, while we recognize we’re more interdependent than ever, we are missing the skill sets to influence our wider eco-system. Fifth, upskilling and growth is urgently needed for millions to solve our collective challenges. This requires a step-change in our ability to grow ourselves and others.

The workshop will engage participants in learning and practicing the five shifts in agility we need to thrive as leaders today.

  1. Neuro-Emotional Agility: the ability to activate neural states that accelerate our adaptability.
  2. Learning Agility: the ability to rapidly learn, unlearn, and re-learn based on the situation in front of us.
  3. Trust Agility: the ability to develop just-in-time trust with diverse fluid teams and energize creative contributions.
  4. Stakeholder Agility: the ability to influence multiple stakeholders with competing needs toward solutions that serve the broader ecosystem.
  5. Growth Agility: the ability to grow ourselves and others to accelerate a future-ready workforce.

It will provide an actionable and customizable tool-kit of 15 Agility Accelerators that leaders will be able to learn. Via the use of Mentimeter live polling, they will see the impact of their practice in the workshop. They will create an action plan and a set of practices that they can use to lead with greater agility in their workplaces.

Disruptions are opportunities to re-imagine, re-invent, and re-invigorate – to create something better. We have many collective problems to solve for a thriving planet that works better for all. The workshop helps each of us be inspired, bring our unique perspective, and activate the embedded agility already within us.

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