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Transformational Leadership Inc. consults with organizations to help them develop their pipeline of female leaders.  To have greater diversity in workplaces we need to help:

  • Women leaders learn how they can meet their goals
  • Organizations understand what they need to do differently to attract, retain, engage and promote women leaders

Who Is The Target?

  • CEO’s and C-Suite executives who know diversity of thinking and leadership styles is good for business
  • Champions or heads of Women’s Networks who want to make a sustained impact in the number of women at all levels
  • Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) champions who want to create more inclusive cultures that allow for all kinds of diverse ideas and people to thrive

Why Do Current Programs Fail?

  • Lack of visible CEO & C-level support – mostly due to lack of awareness & exposure
  • Lack of clear strategy & alignment to business goals
  • Lack of integration of D&I strategy with organization processes & culture
  • “Initiative overload” – the D&I initiative is one of many the organization is juggling with limited resources
  • Lack of strong resources and strong leadership to make D&I a prioritiy

Why A Strategic Plan & What Are the Components?

Just like any organization initiative (marketing, R&D, capital programs) where we want to make an impact & need to invest resources, D&I initiatives require:

  • Visible support from CEO and C-level champions
  • Alignment to overall business priorities, and clarity on HOW this initiative will add value to the business
  • Clarity of goals, deliverables, measures of success
  • Understanding of the unique organization culture – barriers & enablers to D&I
  • Understanding of the key stakeholders and their needs
  • Identification of the key strategies & tactics that will deliver the goals
  • Integration into the overall business & HR processes
  • Roadmap for execution and a sustainable governance structure (including grass-roots support)

Why Transformational Leadership Inc?

What differentiates Transformational Leadership Inc. and provides value for clients:

  • Strong credibility to connect with CEO’s and other senior executives who make all the difference in the success of an initiative
  • Strategic thinking skills of C-suite executives and advisors who have worked across Marketing, Sales, General Management & Finance and run large P&L’s (over $500 Million)
  • Listening and alignment building skills of an executive coach to offer real insight on underlying barriers and motivators that are the “make or break” in creating culture change
  • Successful track record of initiating & implementing culture change initiatives in organizations as a General Manager and Region President
  • Pragmatic learning approach (focus on the 80 for the 20) to creating plans
  • Global understanding (lived and/or worked in 7 countries across 4 continents)

Selected Testimonials

“Henna worked with my company’s Women’s Network Leadership team on a 3-year strategic plan. Her knowledge of women’s issues and research on women in the workplace was very valuable to build our business case. Not only is Henna passionate about the topic of “Women as Leaders” she also connected us to several resources in the Atlanta area that have helped us in our path forward.” June 28, 2012

Amy Stephens, Printpack Inc.

“Henna worked with us on a D&I initiative for Europe and I have to say the project was successful because of the perspective and expertise that Henna brought to the team. We were starting from a point where we were still finding our way around the D&I topic and were trying to identify how to approach it. It was a pleasure to work with Henna as she made an effort to understand our needs and challenges and supported us through finding an optimal solution and approach. She has a high impact style and knows the topic inside out which helped to build credibility in front of the organization. Henna is definitely the “go to” person for anything you need to know on gender diversity!” November 20, 2012

Samira Mairaj, Novartis Consumer Health, Europe

What Are the Next Steps?

Once you are clear about your goal to build a more diverse talent pipeline, please connect with us by e-mailing  We will be happy to work with you to understand your specific goals, and give you a proposal for the work to be done.

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