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These last couple of weeks I have been inspired by some amazing women who are transforming the world each in their own way.  I wanted to share the wisdom of four of these women. They each have found their voice as authentic leaders and are making a difference in ways that are important to them.

I was sparked to do this “Inspiration Roundup” by Whitney Johnson’s “Dream Roundup“. She’s the author of “Dream, Dare, Do” and asks us to disrupt ourselves, step outside of our comfort zones and stretch toward our dreams. A disrupter of ideas, a writer of poetry, a former Wall Street analyst, an equity investor, she is an all-around renaissance woman!

I was viscerally moved by Jean Houston’s video entitled “Gather the Women” – thus I gather the women who have inspired me.  Jean Houston is a visionary activist in human and cultural development.  The video begins with my favorite quote of hers: “We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be released”.  Have you discovered the extraordinary inside of you?  This is the key to our authentic leadership. “Gather The Women” video.

Betsy Myers, former COO of the Obama campaign, and leadership expert talks about the importance of caring and letting people know that they are valued. She ends her fantastic talk at the Conscious Capitalism Institute challenging us to ask the people we work and live with what makes them feel loved and cared for. She reminds us that’s what leadership is about.  Here’s the 30-minute video.

Ming Holden, author of Survival Girls and HuffPo blogger, inspired me with her Redefining the Female Role Model post. Survival Girls is a story about “four girls from Congo: refugees, orphaned, carrying memories of slaughtered family members, and unthinkable violations” and how they rose above these atrocities.  She talks about a new version of “having it all”: ” To have it all, internally, is to keep an open heart, without giving any ins to those who would drain us.”  How do you define having it all?

Whitney, I too have a dream…a dream to gather the women closer so we are a tightly woven blanket that comforts, supports, protects and transforms the world around us. My dream is that each woman find the extraordinary inside of us, gather her tribe, and get joyfully to the work we are here to do.

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