I started working with Henna when I became President of a company in need of a turnaround. In my first few weeks, business issues had to be addressed first and foremost and goals had to be prioritized. Henna was able to help me understand which goals more urgently needed to be addressed. She also gave me a sense of “permission” to work on other more personal areas even in the midst of the first 90 days of a new job and to realize how working on those areas could be, and would be, beneficial to my productivity in the new role. As a result of our coaching together I was able to be fully energized to manage the multiple competing priorities I was working on and be both productive and balanced through this first 90 days.

Henna brings several strengths to the coaching sessions:

  1. She is an experienced business executive who understands what it takes to drive a business and what it takes to lead a team
  2. She has a calming effect, which makes one open up and freely share thoughts and feelings in a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere
  3. Her listening and questioning skills are especially strong. Her life experiences, both professionally and personally, add tremendous depth and credibility to her work.

President of Food Company

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