Welcome to the discussion guide for Wired for Authenticity! I am excited that you’ve decided to read this book and share it with others. My intention is that your discussion helps each of you to connect authentically with yourself and with each other.  To help your group get started you may even suggest that members take our 5-minute assessment to determine where they are in their own ability to be authentic leaders.

Please connect with me and let me know how your discussions went and I especially would love to get a photo of your group with the book! Find me at henna@transformleaders.tv or @hennainam so I can share. Here is the discussion guide.

Before You Get Started

Whether you are part of a group that regularly reads books together or not, it’s always helpful start with some guidelines for what will make your discussion a great experience. Ask your people what each of the members needs from one another in order to create authentic connection, great dialogue, and learning together.

Questions for Discussion

Based on the time you have available and what you think would best resonate with the group, feel free to pick from any of these questions.

  1. Authentic leadership as described in the book is the “fullest expression of me for the benefit of we”. What is one area of your life, leadership, or work where bringing a fuller expression of you will bring you greater fulfillment and inspiration?
  2. What are places, situations, or people where you would like to be more authentic but don’t think you can be right now? Please share one example with the group. Discuss which practices may be able to help you bring more authenticity in these situations?
  3. Based on the book or the Wired for Authenticity Assessment you took, in which of the seven practices of authenticity are you doing well? What is the positive impact of that on you and others?
  4. Based on the book or the Wired for Authenticity Assessment, which practice is one which will serve you to focus more on? What do you see as the benefit to you and others of doing that?
  5. Is there an exercise, tool, or practice you found particularly meaningful for you? Share with the group how this has helped you.
  6. What is one commitment you would like to make to yourself? What help do you need from the group to support you?

And if there are questions you came up with that worked really well, please share them with us. We are always looking for great ideas! Better yet, consider becoming an Authenticity Advocate and joining our movement for greater Authenticity@Work!

I am the CEO of Transformational Leadership Inc and the author of Wired for Authenticity. I am a leadership coach, global speaker, and often play junior philosopher on my Forbes and company blog. Join me to create a movement for greater authenticity in our workplaces. If you enjoyed my musings, please follow me on TwitterFacebook or my blog.

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