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Welcome to Week 52 of the Authenticity@Work Leadership Tool-kit! My intention for this series is to share a quick tool each week to help you lead with more authenticity, adaptability and inspiration so we can together create workplaces where we bring the best of ourselves and inspire others. So grab a journal and an accountability partner to make these practices even more powerful for you!

In last week’s post we talked about authenticity in teams and how we’re wired for team trust. Did you have an authentic trust-building conversation with a colleague? What did you learn?

Congratulations! We have come to the end. I imagine that you have grown immensely through these practices. And it is the start of a new beginning. I share here an image of the dedication in my book Wired for Authenticity. It is dedicated to you, the leader, journeying in each moment in the practice of authenticity.

What is the act of creating and self-expression that calls forth the magic of mojo in you? Devotion to creating anything – a book, a movement, a garden, a piece of music – calls forth our best selves and is an act of authenticity itself. What are you devoted to?

Living and creating are the same thing. As the cells in our bodies are in motion, so our spirits call us to create and self-express. Anything that we devote ourselves completely to is the seed of our inspiration as well as a catalyst that inspires those around us.

Leading authentically is leading with devotion rather than fear. It’s discovering that when we love the work we do, when we do it with complete devotion, it is the ultimate expression of leadership. We let the result be what it will be. We live with the satisfaction of a life devoted to something important to us, that is bigger than we are, and that inspires us.

Our deepest authenticity lies in the contradictions within us that allow us to create and adapt in an ever changing environment. Our fulfillment lies in the fullness of our contrasts.

There is no path to authenticity. Authenticity is the path. It is a moment-by-moment practice.

There is no destination. There is just the practice. We all continue to evolve, and self-expression and devotion to something bigger than ourselves are the fuel for our evolution. Here’s to each of us finding our fullest and most fulfilled expressions of leadership.

This Week’s Tool:

Take time to reflect on learnings. Celebrate your successes. Feel gratitude and thank those who have come along with you on this journey.

And start again. Take the Wired for Authenticity Assessment, even if you’ve already taken it. How far have you come? What is still a challenge for you?

Do you want to deepen your learning?

Join our Authenticity@Work Advocate community.

Start again by registering for this series one more time. Rediscover the tools and practice them more deeply. Better yet, offer to be an accountability partner or mentor someone or a group of people through this series. Wow, what an experience to live something and give back!

Get the latest resources for Authenticity@Work (this tab will get updated with all kinds of cool resources). Curious to know more about the book? Read the reviews about Wired for Authenticity here.

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