Lead with your Body Intelligence

Do you find yourself in situations where you know what the right behavior is, but are unable to actually act on it? Did you know that your body can actually help you to shift your behavior?  I am [...]


Why Love is Essential to Leadership

Love in corporate America. An oxymoron? A new steamy reality show? For those of us who are jaded it seems impossible. Yet Kouzes & Posner, best-selling authors of the classic book “The [...]


Five Keys To Drive Employee Engagement

Does this sound familiar? You lack energy to go to work.  Work feels like a paycheck and you focus your passions elsewhere. You want to make things better but you’re tired of your ideas not being [...]


Love Works at Work

Work and love don’t often go together, but in his book “Love Works” Joel Manby makes the point that love has everything to do with leading effectively at work.  Manby is the CEO of Herschend [...]


Three Steps to “Own The Room”

  As an executive coach, I know that executive presence is a key driver of success for women leaders. Yet, many women leaders I talk to have had the experience of not being heard when [...]


Nine Tools to Own Your Power

Imagine being 70 years old and deciding that you are just getting started – in creating a nonprofit organization determined to achieve parity for women in top leadership positions by 2025. At the [...]

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