For Engaged Employees, Say Thanks

How do you express gratitude to the people you work with. Do you? In my corporate career I would say “thank you” walking out of a meeting or during a performance review discussion. But I never [...]


How To Get (And Be) A Better Boss

Your relationship with your boss is arguably the most important work relationship you have. Unfortunately for many people it is also one that is fraught with frustration, awkwardness, or simply [...]


Acknowledge A Co-Worker Everyday

In the U.S., Thanksgiving is over and most of us are tempted to quickly move forward with only hazy memories of the food coma from all that yummy food. After all, the stress of the holiday season [...]


Gratitude is a Leadership Practice

Jane is overwhelmed at work with more on her to-do list than she can get done. John has a co-worker that is just plain difficult to work with.  Claire has an inner critic that is really loud and [...]


Why We Need Authenticity in Workplaces

I was at a speaking engagement last week and the next day received the following letter from an attendee. To me it speaks of the very personal experience of a former corporate leader and why she [...]


Why Love is Essential to Leadership

Love in corporate America. An oxymoron? A new steamy reality show? For those of us who are jaded it seems impossible. Yet Kouzes & Posner, best-selling authors of the classic book “The [...]


Five Keys To Drive Employee Engagement

Does this sound familiar? You lack energy to go to work.  Work feels like a paycheck and you focus your passions elsewhere. You want to make things better but you’re tired of your ideas not being [...]


The Power of Appreciation

Most of us have pretty 24/7 work and family lifestyles. Business and busy-ness engulfs our lives.  If you believe the employee engagement survey results, 71% of us are disengaged.  Recently I was [...]


Building Trust – Whose Job Is It?

True story about one of the biggest regrets I have in my corporate career.  At one point, I was part of a C-level leadership team (reporting to the CEO) and our business was facing immense [...]

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