How You Choose Is How You Lead

You have travel coming up. Travel or not? Get a mask for public spaces? The news headlines talk of how coronavirus is spreading. This is a major disruption with far-reaching impacts. There are no [...]


How To Avoid Derailing In A New Role

Congratulations! You just got promoted. You landed a new stretch assignment. You got a new job! Just this month I witnessed three competent, hard-working, well-intentioned leaders get fired from [...]


Coaching on Being Resilient in Failure

Brazil’s recent loss in the World Cup semi-finals has been called “the worst World Cup loss in history”. It broke many records (number of goals scored in a semi-final, worst loss suffered by any [...]


Your Personalized Self-Confidence Plan

Those who know me would consider me a fairly self-confident person. Most days I feel pretty self-confident. And then there are situations where I wish I had a bit of that Donald Trump “nothing [...]


Why I Don’t Want to be #1

“I am a really good #2. I don’t want to be #1.” “I really love the job I’m in and don’t want my boss’s job. It just seems too political.” “I think I could do my boss’s job, but I don’t really [...]


How Women Can Have It All

Does the juggle of the career and home life leave you tired and stressed? Many of us have read Anne-Marie Slaughter’s now famous article in the Atlantic “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All”. It [...]


Your Personalized Stress Buster Plan

When I first start executive coaching work with clients, I ask them to do various assessments  to expand in their self-awareness.  One critical one we focus on measures how energized they are. [...]

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